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It is an integrated European industrial complex.
Longevity ginseng product

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Adopt high-quality production equipment and brewing technology.

It can produce white ice wine, red ice wine, dry red wine, cherry wine, rosé wine, brandy produced by French technicians, and ginseng wine produced by using ginseng resources.

Longevity ginseng product

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Longevity ginseng products co., LTD is a joint venture set up two production base, a total of 1000 hectares, of panax ginseng c.a.mey growth duration of 15 years or more, up to more than 30 years, building area of 500 square meters in Wan Liang ginseng market trading platform, ginseng, American ginseng, of fructus schisandrae chinensis, acanthopanax, rhodiola, pilose antler products such as changbai mountain specialty, to provide raw materials acquisition, product sales platform and window.

Longevity Ginseng products Co., LTD., adhere to the standardization of base construction, product production standards, authentic raw materials, production technology excellence. Nanomaterials are prepared by the energy level tearing method invented by the inventor. Raw materials are produced in strict accordance with GAP certification standards, production workshops follow GMP standards, and the production process is of high quality with strict requirements. We strive to create first-class management, first-class technology, first-class products and first-class service, so as to benefit human beings and serve the society.

Main products: ginseng pure powder tablet, shanshen pure powder tablet, ganoderma spore powder tablet, ginseng preserved fruit, health medicine soup package and other series products.


Longevity ginseng products co., LTD

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