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It is an integrated European industrial complex.
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Adopt quality production equipment and brewing process.

White ice wine, red ice wine, dry red wine, cherry wine, rose wine, brandy produced by French technicians, ginseng wine produced by using ginseng resources.

2020 10-11

Drinking red wine often has many benefits

Increase appetite. The bright color of wine and the clear and transparent body are pleasing to the eyes. When poured into the glass, the fruity wine is fragrant; the tannins in the wine are slightly astringent when tasting
2020 10-11

How to choose wine glasses when tasting?

Like thousands of wines, a large variety of wine glasses have emerged on the market. Faced with a dazzling array of wine glasses, how to match your favorite grape wine with the most ideal wine glass? Discovering a wine glass series that can match your personal drinking habits is a crucial step.
2020 10-11

Wine composition

The composition of red wine is quite complicated. It is a fruit wine brewed by natural fermentation. It contains the most grape juice, accounting for more than 80%, followed by alcohol, which is naturally fermented by the sugar in the grapes
2020 10-11

The wine industry is promising

Industrial development has always been an important theme of General Secretary Xi Jinping's local inspection. During the inspection in Ningxia, the general secretary went to the grape plantations to learn about grape planting techniques
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Louise Winery
Louise Winery

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